About The Spinal Touch Treatment

Body Mechanics Technique or The Spinal Touch Treatment
A soft tissue, non-force system to correct postural distortion and visceral positions that might be inducing the disease process, and disorder function. A technique used by many professional as well as massage therapists and lay persons. Easy to learn, safe in application for use with patients, clients or loved ones. This technique developed by a chiropractor, mechanical, and structural engineer in the late 1920's; this technique has been used by Dr. W. La Mar Rosquist D.C. for 36 years with astounding results. Updated books, videos, and related materials for learning this technique are available on-line.

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Read the writings of Dr. John Hurley, the originator of The Spinal Touch Treatment and Dr. Rosquist, who is perpetuating this technique for us today.

The Origin of The Spinal Touch Treatment
The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ now known as the Body Mechanics Seminars began as a result of a spectacular experience involving Dr. LaMar Rosquist. The Origins of this treatment are from the writings and discoveries of Dr. John Hurley in the 1920s and 30s.

Who is Dr. John Hurley?

In 1958 Dr. LaMar Rosquist happened to live in the "right neighborhood", in the "right house", at the "right time", which made it possible for him to be exposed to the most astounding medical miracle of his lifetime. This experience affected the rest of his life, as well as changed and influenced literally thousands of patients and doctors all over the world. Read More...

About Dr. LaMar Rosquist
In 1975, Dr. Rosquist put in a book from all that he had learned from Dr. Goes and the original writings of Dr. Hurley. He named it The Encyclopedia of the Spinal Touch. Since January of 1975, Dr. Rosquist has given over 500 seminars teaching this work to mostly professionals and massage therapists in the United States, England, Austria, and Japan. Doctors and trained professionals from every branch of the healing arts have attended these classes. The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ is Dr. LaMar Rosquist's effort to perpetuate this powerful technique.

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