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Order Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Products

Ordering Products
At this time ordering is completed through an email request or telephone. The ordering of products online will be a future addition to our website.

To order through telephone please call (435) 673-5780 or (435) 229-3351.

To make an order through email please fill out the form below and select which items or packages you wish to order. We will contact you shortly to confirm your order.

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Encyclopedia of Spinal Touch Treatment - Hard Bound ($65.00)
Set of 6 1 Hour Color DVDs ($399.00)
Spinal Touch Workbook ($39.00)
Foot Board - Molded Plastic ($49.00)
Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Chart - Laminated ($37.00)
"Essentials of Body Mechanics" ($39.00)
Muscle Response Test Chart - Laminated ($37.00)
Biological Reaction To Stress Chart - Laminated ($37.00)
Spinal Touch Brochures (100 count) ($32.00)
Posture Key to Health Brochures (100 count) ($32.00)
Aging, Long Life & Better Health By Dr. W Lamar Rosquist - Paper Back ($2.95)
Course Outline ($29.00)
Complete Spinal Touch Home Study Course ($799.00)