The Origin of The Spinal Touch Treatment
The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ now know as the Body Mechanics Seminars began as a result of a spectacular experience involving Dr. LaMar Rosquist.

In 1958 Dr. LaMar Rosquist happened to live in the "right neighborhood", in the "right house", at the "right time", which made it possible for him to be exposed to the most astounding medical miracle of his lifetime. This experience affected the rest of his life, as well as changed and influenced literally thousands of patients and doctors all over the world.

Next to his house in Granada Hills, California lived a very nice couple: Dick and Lori Burgess. One day in the late fall of 1958 Lori Burgess asked the Rosquists if they would watch her house, because she and her family would be gone for several weeks. She explained that they were going to Grass Valley in Northern California. Her nephew Johnny Burgess had come down with some sort of mysterious condition. His family had taken him to all the leading medical clinics in California even the U.C.L.A. Medical Center. After weeks of intensive medical examinations, the U.C.L.A. center discharged Johnny without even having diagnosed him. Furthermore, Johnny's parents were told that their son had less than four weeks to live, since no help from modern medicine could be found. For this reason, Lori's family was gathering to celebrate an early Christmas, as Johnny would be dead by the time the Holiday season arrived. It was their purpose to make Johnny's last days as comfortable and happy as possible.

Before the end of one week, the Rosquists noticed that the Burgess family was back. The Rosquists assumed that the nephew had passed away, so they went over to express their condolences. When they arrived, Mrs. Burgess told them that Johnny had not passed away and that he had been brought back to be seen by his grandmother's doctor. Before leaving for the family gathering, Johnny's grandmother had gone to her doctor and had told him that she would not be able to show up for her regular doctor appointments for the next several weeks. Her doctor had such a large practice, that he had a six month waiting list of new patients. Only when his regular patients cancelled their appointment, could one of the new patients be seen. in order for her to be considered a regular patient, she had to keep coming to her appointments or have someone go in her place. For this reason she had asked her neighbor to keep her appointments. in talking to her doctor about the arrangement, she related to him the problems Johnny was having. Her doctor told her that even without a diagnosis, he felt that he might be able to help her grandson.

When Grandma Burgess arrived at her son's home in Grass Valley, she told the family what her doctor had said. After a family discussion, the parents who were desperate to save their son's life, decided to bring him back to Granada Hills, where he would begin treatments from the grandmother's doctor. Mrs. Burgess futher informed the Rosquists that Johnny was staying with them and that she would be taking him to the doctor for his three visits per week.

Dr. Rosquist, curious to see why the doctors at U.C.L.A. medical center had given Johnny only four weeks to live, asked Mrs. Burgess if he could see Johnny. He was led into a bedroom where he witnessed the shocking sight of a dying boy. Here was an eight year old boy lying on a bed totally jaundiced, as yellow as an old shriveled up grapefruit with all his muscle tissue so atrophied that the bony structure could be seen under the yellow skin. Pulsations of the major blood vessels could be seen in the abdomen. All the skin had shrunk behind his eyeballs making it impossible for him to close his eyes, even to sleep. His neck was in a state of flexion with his chin resting on his breast bone. With the neck flexed, his esophagus was almost pinched closed so he could not eat solid food. Most of his limited nourishment came from liquids through a straw. he could not sleep, talk, or walk. After seeing the boy, Dr. Rosquist felt completely helpless and realised that he was so far gone, that there was nothing he knew or supposed anyone else knew that could possibly save him. He concurred with the doctors at U.C.L.A., Johnny's condition was terminal.

During the next year Dr. Rosquist kept track of Johnny on a routine basis. Johnny not only did not die, but made great progress toward complete recovery. After several months, the jaundice disappeared and shortly after that, his head straightened up, so that he was once again able to eat solid food. His mobility graduated from crawling around on special rubber knee pads, to walking around form furniture to furniture and wall to wall with no aids at all. All of his muscles started coming back from a shriveled state to a complete strength and fullness. he was once again able to function as a normal boy. Johnny's recovery from such a state of utter hopelessness to complete recovery took about a year.

During the time that Dr. Rosquist observed Johnny, Mrs. Burgess had never mentioned Johnny's doctor's name or what kind of doctor he was. Upon inquiring, Dr. Rosquist was told that the doctor's name was Dr. Francis Goes and that was a Chiropractor. The description of the treatment that Johnny received was like nothing Dr. Rosquist had ever heard before. Mrs. Burgess said that the technique looked so easy that she felt that if this doctor had shown her how to do it, she would have been able to do it herself. She explained how he would proceed to rubout certain areas up and down his spine and on his stomach.

With the urging of his wife, Dr. Rosquist made an appointment with Dr. Goes to find out first hand what this technique was all about. (NOTE; Dr. Goes was one of the Chiropractors trained in the Aquarian Age of Healing technique by Dr. Hurley). The following is Dr. Rosquist's account of his meeting with Dr. Goes and the subsequent developments.

When I arrived at his office, Dr. Goes introduced himslef by asking why it had taken so long for me to come to his office. I told him that I was on time, but he said that was not what he was referring to. He knew that Mrs. Burgess had a neighbor who was a chiropractor and was following Johnny's progress. He said that my taking so long to contact him appeared to be disinterest on my part. He knew that I could not achieve what he had done on Johnny, and thought that such a dramatic change would stir my curiosity. I then stated that I did not know he was a chiropractor or his name until a week ago. I asked him if he would teach me to do that kind of treatment that had cured Johnny and he agreed.

He told me to remove my clothes and put on a gown. After I had done so, he had me stand on a footplate in front of a plumb line hanging form the ceiling. He had me close my eyes and then proceed to make some marks on the lower portion of my right buttock. After these marks were made, using the middle finger of his right hand he applied a very light touch to one of the points. My body went into gyrations (weaving and moving in a circular motion). Next, he had me lie face down on a home built treating table. He pulled up a chair and sat down by the side of my body and placed his thumb as light as a feather on the same spot he had touched while I was at the plumb line. I immediately felt a very well defined sensation that I can only describe as a hot laser beam coming from an electrical instrument. This sensation traveled from his thumb through my body and stopped in my prostate gland. I first thought he was using some sort of an electrical treating unit and I looked through the table headpiece for an electrical cord plug in. I realized that there were none and the sensation I felt was actually coming from his hand. That sensation lasted five or six seconds and then he proceeded to work on other areas of my back and buttocks with equally alarming sensations. Of all the treatments I had ever seen and received, never had I experienced the sensations I had just experienced. Nevertheless, as he was giving the treatment, I was telling myself all the reasons why my patients would not accept it. After getting dressed, he told me to make another appointment and to pay ten dollars for the treatment that I had just received. I became furious about being charged for what I thought should be a professional courtesy. I decided I would have my receptionist call and give some reason why I could not keep the next appointment. I went out to my car and as I began to turn on the ignition key, a strange sensation came over me. It felt like my pelvis and lower extremities were hollow and that someone had just opened a valve at the level of my umbilicus and poured warm wax into this hollow shell. It seemed to ooze its way down to my feet and toes. Because of the great warmth, my first thought was that I had wet my pants. Upon, looking at my seat and finding it was dry, I realized this was a result of the treatment that I had just received. I then resolved that fee or no fee, I would go back there as long as it took to learn to do the things he had done on Johnny and on me.

I went to Dr. Goes for an average of two times per week for 15 months and received over 120 treatments in order to learn this technique. I did not know of the existence of Dr. Hurley's book. Dr. Goes would make graphic drawings on the palm of his hand after each treatment and then explain the significance of these drawings. I would immediately recreate the same drawings on my own hand and when I arrived at my office, I would transpose these drawings onto a piece of paper and write a paragraph explaining how they applied to the treatment. After I was done with all the treatments, I had a stack of papers more than an inch thick and I had spent well over twelve hundred dollars to learn this technique. I now knew the technique inside and out.

In 1975, Dr. Rosquist put in a book form all that he had learned form Dr. Goes and the original writings of Dr. Hurley. He named it The Encyclopedia of the Spinal Touch. Since January of 1975, Dr. Rosquist has given over 500 seminars teaching this work to mostly professionals and massage therapists in the United States, England, Austria, and Japan. Doctors and trained professionals from every branch of the healing arts have attended these classes.

The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ is Dr. LaMar Rosquist's effort to perpetuate this powerful technique.

Dr. W. LaMar Rosquist L.M.T., N.D., D.C.


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