Spinal Touch Treatment ™ for Massage Therapists

A Massage Therapist's Best Friend!

You won't want to do another massage treatment!

Massage Therapy is a fantastic method of moving blood and lymph in the body while bringing relaxation and less stress. A Spinal Touch Treatment ™ will do the same thing with correction of muscle and visceral conditions that is more than just a relaxation, but handles traumatic as well as physical conditions that could be major health problems. The only non-force technique existing today that can alleviate all stress and help with major health problems!

We are not out to teach Massage Therapists to be doctors, but to teach Massage Therapists to bring about change in physical conditions by putting the body into a state of rest and mechanical corrections.

The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ uses laws of leverage to promote healing. It is a natural de-stresser using a natural hands-on approach.

Learn Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Technique, the only technique that teaches Dr. John Hurley's original work in a sequential, easy to learn format, and your patients will request it again and again. After completing the Home Study Course, you will take a 100 question, open book test. With a passing score of 80% or more, you will receive an official Spinal Touch Treatment ™ diploma signed by Dr. Rosquist to display in your treatment area.

Why would anyone want to receive Spinal Touch treatments from any practitioner that had not received a diploma testifying of their efficiency and understanding of the Spinal Touch Treatment ™? Order your home study course today!