The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Testimonials

Read what people have to say about the Spinal Touch Treatment ™ and Dr. Rosquist's Nutritional Suppliments.

At 87, I have been constipated for years, and it leaves me going three or four days between elimination. I started taking the Pycnogenol with super anti-oxidant synergists and after two weeks, I had three eliminations a day. Even though I am 87 years old, I have better elimination and more energy now than I have had for years.
- Gale R.

At 45, I am a licensed anesthesiologist in the bay area of San Francisco, Calif. I have suffered joint pains and inflamed hands and wrists. Since I have used Pycnogenol with super anti-oxidant synergists, my pain is gone and I don't have to use pain inhibiters anymore. I am telling all my fellow practioners about this product.
- Dr. Marilyn H. M.D.

I was referred to Dr. LaMar Rosquist by friends of mine as I was involved in an automobile accident, being new in the Salt Lake area from Laos, and didn't know any doctors in Salt Lake that could help me with the severe pain in my neck and lower back. Dr. Rosquist used this very light touch treatment on me because it didn't hurt me, my pains left after several treatments. I was involved in another accident and received the same results. I referred many of my Asian friends with automobile injuries to his office and they also started sending their friends to Dr. Rosquist as they also received good results without feeling pains after their treatments. My whole family started to receive these light touch treatments for various problems with the same results. Every time I have any problems with my body I get another treatment with good results always.
- M.T.


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