The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Program Benefits

So why would our program be better than imitations found online?

There are many other sites out there promoting this amazing technique. They may offer seminars or special sessions. We have developed the Spinal Touch Home Study Course to bring you this knowledge without excessive costs. Also, wouldn't it be best to learn this from the original source? Below are some of the reasons why we feel you would best be served learning this from Dr. Rosquists Spinal Touch Treatment Home Study Course.

The Pros of the $799 Home Study Course
• Learn it quicker
• Sequential study of all the materials tied into each of the 6 disks
• Much cheaper than a Weekend Course Fee
• No travel expenses, no hotel rooms, no fuels costs, no meal expenses
• All workshop materials furnished, Encyclopedia, Course Outline, Workbook, Phamplets and Other Writings for Dr. Rosquist, Laminated Wallcharts, Fiberglass Foorboard, 6 One Hour DVDs and original Dr. Hurley Pamphlets

There are no professionally trained Spinal Touch Treatment ™ teachers in the U.S., Dr. Rosquist and his 3 sons, who are also Doctors, are the only qualified instructors to teach The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ and give an official diploma.

Others teaching this course learned the Spinal Touch Treatment ™ from Dr. Rosquist. Why not learn from the original source?

No one in Indiana, Texas, Florida or elsewhere has been teaching this course for 40 years, and developed all the teaching materials and treated thousands of patients in 4 professional offices with volumes of unbelievable results.

Why not learn from the original teacher? Get your training from the original source, rather than second-hand.

We hope that you will consider this as you decide to learn this amazing technique. Learn it from the orignal source and see the results for yourself.

  A Technique for Correction of Postural Distortion - The Original Dr. John Hurley Aquarian Age Healing

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